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Meet Ivana Suter

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Hello, I am the Queen Bee and CEO or BEE E O as you could say of Bee The Positive. I originally started this company as a T-Shirt company because someone told me I was too positive, too energetic , and too happy! I know right! I mean is there even such a thing! But anyway I have always loved encouraging others around me and I made a choice, I can either change who I am at my very core or I can share my positivity with the world. Well I decided to share my "too much positivity" with the world. I paired a childhood dream I had had since I was 10 years old to own a T-Shirt company with my love for encouraging others and poof Bee The Positive was born. Now why is it called Bee The  Positive you may ask... well it is a reminder that you can "BE" the positivity someone might need at that time. There are so many people that need an encouraging word. Because there are out there that need so much encouragement I have made this an anti-bullying and suicide prevention and awareness brand. Our products can be used to speak life into someone around you!


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