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I'm putting this out into the universe , speaking it into existence .

Ok today is Thursday August 12th, 2021. I am putting this out there so in 5 years or maybe less I can look back at the day I spoke it into existence, I want a Store Front. I want the name Bee The Positive to be in lights! I want to have a place where anyone can go for encouragement. Where a mom can get something for her child to encourage them when they have been bullied. Where someone who is battling depression or anxiety can come for a kind word. Where someone who has a friend that is feeling alone and unseen can get something for them to make them feel loved and special. I want the playlist to be playing over the speakers of the store and when you walk in you are greeted with a genuine smile and hi how are you. I want to have a wall where people can share encouraging words with others, I want to have a place where if you need it you can take a dance break if the music moves you. I want the yellow and teal walls, the T-shirts all put on display with all the encouraging messages. I want the door that dings when someone walks in and they never want to leave because it is such a happy uplifting place. Where people know they can be as much themselves as they want to and there is no judgement.

Four years ago I was told I was basically too happy, too energetic and too positive! I have since forgiven that person and wish them no ill will but those words cut deep. I was too positive? What is the right amount of happy? How do I have too much energy? How can you be too much YOU? How can someone be too themselves? All these questions arose when I heard these words. For a little while they broke me. I questioned myself and who I was. I'm not going to lie, I cried a little too, ok a lot. But those words that hurt so bad helped me to come up with my first original T-Shirt design and actually prompted me to start thinking about a childhood dream. I started thinking- if I'm so positive that I'm too positive why don't I share that excess positivity with others in the world! I got to work and started learning all about how to start a T-Shirt company. fast forward a few months and seeing my design come to life and actually get printed on a T-Shirt was a passion realized and lived out. Now after the initial run of shirts things got a little bumpy. I learned a lot about myself and how to design, how to set up a store website, how to create content to share, how to run ads. all the things! I learned about file types and sizes, colors and gaussian blur... it's an artist thing. I learned how to see myself as a big company even though I am a small business. I taught myself so much...well that and tik tok was helpful too. But now 4 year later I can take everything I've learned and I believe I can build this business this brand into a movement. I am so excited for what the future holds. God is guiding my steps and I am so psyched for what He has in store. Will you join me for the journey? I would love if you would join the movement #beethepositive on social media and follow us to watch this happen. It's going to bee so much fun!!

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