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What is The Hive

In partnership with Worthy Women Ministry The Hive has been created as a place where Christian women can grow their businesses while giving back to vulnerable women seeking a safe place in the community. Your monthly dues will go towards our mission to help women in the community overcome poverty and find their worth, identity and purpose, and it’s tax deductible! We have created a unique monthly experience. Each experience will allow you to learn new skills from top talents, access exclusive resources for your business, and present your company to other women who want to help you grow!  Members get to grow with other Christian women in business on the 3rd Friday of every month at this beautiful venue! If you want to see what all the buzz is about, we want to offer you your first meeting for free! To find out more or to join The Hive click the button below.





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Having been homeless myself at one time in my life, I wish the Housing program at Worthy Women Ministry had existed when I needed a helping hand up. This ministry is so close to my heart as well as connecting women in business to the resources and people to help them succeed and grow. I wish I had had a place like The Hive to learn from when I started my business. But now I can help women in business discover their worth, identity and purpose in business  as well as life.


The Hive is a business network of Christian women who are continually growing their businesses and are passionate about helping vulnerable women access christ-centered resources in the community. All of the member’s monthly dues are donated directly to Diasozo House, a Christian-based supportive housing program located in Knoxville.

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